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Alaska Airlines Flights Reservations

Flights Reservations with Alaska Airlines

Alaska are one of the best airlines in the world that serve so many people across the world. Alaska promises their customers to provide next-generation care and the best experience in the air and always guarantee to provide affordable Flight Ticket booking. So let’s talk about the Alaska airlines flights reservations, you can book Alaska flights from the website or using another third-party portal. Below we have added the complete details regarding the Alaska planes, Alaska flight schedule, Alaska cheap flights, airlines tickets detail, and more other important information.

Alaska Airlines operates with its regional partners SkyWest airlines and Horizon Air which connects West Coast and Atlanta includes more than 100 Destinations and that's why it is also called the third-largest alliance airline in the world.

Flight Ticket booking from official website

You can easily book your Alaska airlines flights from the official website of Alaska.

  1. First Visit the official Website
  2. Now on the page choose the option flight type or travelers
  3. Select cities and dates
  4. Add the passenger count
  5. Click on the find flight button
  6. A list will open on the screen of your device
  7. Choose the Alaska airlines reservations according to your preference and budget
  8. Enter the details asked on the page and complete the payment
  9. You will receive the text and email which show your Alaska flight confirmation

Alaska Airlines flights Booking through mobile App

Alaska recently launched an app for both android and IOS users and you can easily go for the Alaska airlines flights reservations from the app. The process is so easy and the same as booking a flight ticket on the website. There is more option available on the mobile app like you can check the Alaska flight schedule, you can know the direct flights, you can make changes in airlines’ flight reservations, and more options are available.

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Alaska Airlines Destinations

Alaska covers so many destinations across the globe and serves so many people in the world, below we have added the list of places where you can easily make Alaska airlines flight reservations.

United States

  1. Atlanta
  2. Kansas City
  3. St. Louis
  4. Adak
  5. Lihue
  6. Kona
  7. Maui
  8. Boise
  9. Baltimore
  10. Detroit
  11. Minneapolis
  12. Idaho Falls
  13. Billings
  14. Bozeman
  15. Great Falls
  16. Helena
  17. Kalispell
  18. Missoula
  19. Sun Valley
  20. Honolulu
  21. Indianapolis
  22. Boston
  23. Chicago
  24. Anchorage
  25. Wichita
  26. New Orleans
  27. Barrow
  28. Bethel
  29. Cordova
  30. Dillingham
  31. Fairbanks
  32. Gustavus
  33. Juneau
  34. Ketchikan
  35. King Salmon
  36. Kodiak
  37. Kotzebue
  38. Nome
  39. Petersburg
  40. Prudhoe Bay
  41. Sitka
  42. Wrangell
  43. Yakutat
  44. Burbank
  45. Fresno
  46. Monterey
  47. Oakland
  48. Ontario
  49. Orange County
  50. Palm Springs
  51. Redding
  52. Denver
  53. Steamboat Springs
  54. Sacramento
  55. San Diego
  56. San Francisco
  57. Fort Lauderdale
  58. Fort Myers
  59. Miami
  60. Orlando
  61. Tampa
  62. Eugene
  63. Medford
  64. Portland, OR
  65. Pittsburgh
  66. Philadelphia
  67. Redmond
  68. San Jose
  69. Cincinnati
  70. Oklahoma City
  71. Cleveland
  72. Columbus
  73. Albuquerque
  74. Charleston, SC
  75. Raleigh
  76. New York
  77. New York/Newark
  78. Austin
  79. Dallas
  80. El Paso
  81. Houston
  82. San Antonio
  83. San Luis Obispo
  84. Santa Barbara
  85. Nashville
  86. Santa Rosa
  87. Phoenix
  88. Salt Lake City
  89. Tucson
  90. Las Vegas
  91. Milwaukee
  92. Reno
  93. Washington D.C.
  94. Omaha
  95. Bellingham
  96. Everett
  97. Pasco
  98. Pullman, WA
  99. Seattle
  100. Spokane
  101. Walla Walla
  102. Jackson Hole
  103. Wenatchee
  104. Yakima


  1. Manzanillo
  2. Guadalajara
  3. Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo
  4. Loreto
  5. Mazatlan
  6. Puerto Vallarta
  7. Cabo San Lucas
  8. Cancun


  1. Vancouver
  2. Victoria
  3. Edmonton
  4. Kelowna
  5. Calgary

Costa Rica

  1. Liberia, CR
  2. San Jose, CR


  1. Belize City

Alaska Airlines flight cancellation policy

Traveling comes with so many struggle and problems and whenever you try to make it smooth a problem pop up but the hardest situation is when you have to cancel the flight ticket and for the cancellation, you must know the Alaska Airlines flight cancellation policy. This airline offers 24 hours’ cancellation policy in which you will get a full refund if you cancel your airline’s tickets within 24hr of your Alaska flight reservations.

Alaska airlines canceling flights process

You can cancel your airlines flights reservations online by visiting the official website, you have to visit the manage reservation page on the portal. If you cancel your Alaska flight ticket within 24 hours, you will get a refund of your unused ticket.

  • The 24 hours’ cancellation policy is only applied to the airlines tickets which are booked prior 24 hours
  • You are responsible for taxes and the increasing fare
  • Alaska Airlines flight change policy

    You don’t have to pay airlines flight change fee if you booked airlines tickets in main and first-class, this makes travel flexible and easy.

    Below we have added some of the information you need to know if you want to change your travel plans.

  • No change fees are applied if you want to change the Alaska flight reservations but you have to pay the differences.
  • You will receive future travel credits you want to change or cancel your reservation.
  • During the check-in you can also go for the Same-day confirmed changes, no difference fare is charged but you have to pay a fee that ranges between $25-$50.
  • You can’t change saver fares
  • How to change the flight?

  • Visit the official Website
  • Now look for the manage reservation page
  • Enter the Passenger’s last name and confirmation code/E-ticket no
  • Now choose the flight you want to change
  • Select the new flight
  • In the last book the flight and you will receive the confirmation Email by Alaska.
  • Making or changing Alaska airlines reservations through customer care

    You can make or change reservations by contacting the airlines reservations phone number, the executive will ask you for some details and all your work will be done over the call.

    Alaska customer service phone number - 1-800-252-7522 (1-800-ALASKAAIR).

    Alaska Airlines baggage policy

    You can pay for the baggage at the airport, during online check-in, or at kiosk check-in

    The bags weigh up to 50lbs and have a max dimension of 62” (Linear)

  • First bag - $30
  • Second bag - $40
  • Third and additional bags (restriction apply) - $100
  • Free from baggage fee

    Things like car seats, strollers, and mobility aids are free to form baggage charges. Alaska credit cardholders, US military personnel, and Elite level mileage plan members are free from baggage fee

    Oversize and overweight baggage

  • 51-100 lbs. weigh/ 63-115” bag - $100
  • Baggage acceptance

    The airport can vary the baggage acceptance hours, check the counter hours and cutoff time of the check-in of your departure airport. Alaska don’t accept baggage before more than 4 hours of departure. Vancouver accepts baggage 3 hours before departure and Calgary accepts 2 hours before departure.

    Alaska Airlines pet policy

    You can travel with your pet through Alaska but it’s subject to availability, you must contact Alaska reservations phone number for the Alaska Airlines flight reservations. If you are traveling to Hawaii through Alaska, you can only bring cats and dogs as a pet.

    Airbus Pet Policy and Restrictions

    If you are traveling through Airbus the pets may not travel in the baggage compartment as these planes don’t have heated cargo space, so always make sure to know which aircraft you are traveling

    Breed Restriction

    Cats and dogs which are categorized by short nose or brachycephalic are restricted to travel in the cargo compartment instead these pets can travel in the cabin with their passenger in their carrier which can be put under the seat.

    Dogs Cats
    Pekingese Persian
    Pug Burmese
    English Toy Spaniel Himalayan
    French Bulldog Exotic shorthair
    Japanese Boxer -
    Bulldog -
    Bull Terrier -
    Chow Chow -
    Dutch Pug -
    English Bulldog -
    Japanese Pug -
    Japanese Spaniel -
    Shih Tzu -
    Staffordshire Bull Terrie -
    American Pit Bull -
    American Staffordshire Terrier -
    Boston Terrier -
    Boxer -
    Brussels Griffon -
    Mastiff (All Breeds) -

    Pet fee and Pet in cabin and cargo Guidelines

  • Pet in Cabin - $100 in each way
  • Pet in Baggage - $100 in each way
  • Pet in Cabin

    Passengers traveling with their pet on Airlines must be 18 years old and must not book the emergency exit row or bulkhead row seat. If you are traveling in first class, you can travel with one pet carrier per flight and if you are traveling through the main class you can travel with 5 pet carriers per flight.

  • Your pet carrier will be counted as a carry-on bag, you have to carry a pet carrier and a personal item or a pet carrier and standard size carry bag. You can’t travel with 3 of them.
  • You can travel with 2 pets’ carriers in the main cabin but this can be only possible if you have purchased both the adjacent seats.
  • You can travel with dogs, cats, rabbits and also with household birds. Your cats and dogs must be 8 weeks old must be weaned and can easily eat solid food.
  • 2 Pets of the same size and breed may travel in the same carrier and no body parts stick out from the carrier.
  • Pets with offensive odor and of disturbing nature must travel in the climate control baggage compartment.
  • Carriers in cabin

    Your pet must comfortably sit in the kennel which can be placed under your seat and your kennel must be 50.

  • Soft side - 17" x 11" x 7.5"
  • Hard side - 17" x 11" x 9.5"/li>
  • Pets in Baggage and cargo Compartments

    List of Pets that can travel in Climate control baggage compartments and cargo compartments -Pot-bellied pigs, Rabbits, Tropical fish, Cats, Hamsters, Household birds, Non-poisonous reptiles, Dogs, Ferrets, Guinea pigs.

  • You must have a valid health certificate of your pet
  • Dogs and cats must be fully weaned and 8 weeks old minimum.
  • Not more than 1 live dog or cat may be transported in the same kennel (6 months of age or older)
  • Not more than 1 live puppy may be transported in the same kennel (8 weeks to 6 months of age or older, weight over 20lbs)
  • No more than 2 live puppies and kittens may be transported in the same kennel (8 weeks to 6 months of age or older, weight over 20lbs)
  • Your pet must be inoffensive, harmless, and don’t require any attention during transit.
  • Health and Vaccination requirement

    Your Pet’s health certificate must have breed, sex, age, and description with the date of the examination. The Health certificate must be signed by a licensed vet and confirms that your pet is healthy and can be transported.

    Health Certificate is valid till:

  • Within 10 days of originating travel
  • Within 30 days of return travel on the same ticket
  • Within 10 days of travel if the return is on the separate ticket
  • Some FAQ's

  • When is best time to buy airline tickets on Alaska Airlines?
  • Most Airlines offers deals and discounts on Monday evening and it is suggested to book Alaska Airline flight tickets on Tuesday from 3m eastern

  • How much is an Alaska airline ticket?
  • Generally, Alaska offer their ticket on average fares but you can book cheap flights with Alaska, try to book early flights, and go for the last minute deals

  • How to get free airline tickets on Alaska?
  • There are several ways where you can book free an Alaska airline ticket. Use credit cards offers and everyday credit card rewards, look for frequent flier programs, etc.

  • How to change airline tickets for Alaska Airlines?
  • You can easily change your flight tickets for Airlines by visiting the official website and visiting the manage reservation page.

  • Can I buy an Alaska Airlines flight for someone else with travel funds?
  • Yes, you can do it, just fill in the passenger details of the person when you are booking a ticket.

  • What is the best seat on Alaska Airlines?
  • Generally, seats that are closed to the front are considered as best seats, you can go for Exit rows, aisle or you can choose window seats

  • How do you buy an Alaska Airlines flight with points?
  • You can buy your Alaska flight with the Alaskan Airlines miles, you have to redeem the points which can be used to upgrade your tickets to first-class and you can also use them to book the hotel.

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