Looking for the Best Day to buy a Airline ticket? You are in for a surprise

From coworkers or friends, you must have heard that specific days of the week have cheaper flights. Even though you might not have trusted it fully, you have tried this out. Isn’t that’s why you are looking for the best day to buy airline tickets for 2021. It's only understandable.

 Don’t be ashamed, we have all been there. People largely believe that flights are cheaper on certain days or weeks. What do you think? Every single one of us wants to save some extra bucks. After all, no one has stacks of cash lying around in their house waiting to buy an expensive flight.

Yet there are a lot of misconceptions and myths related to this. This article shall be solving the myths and telling on the day of the week which has cheaper flights. You are in for a surprise. SO, without further ado, let’s get into it:


The Best Day to Book Flights is Tuesday?

“Here’s a secret: Tuesdays are the cheapest day to book a flight”. We have met and heard from a lot of people who say Tuesday is the secret to buying a cheap flight. And a lot more asking “Do flight prices go down on Tuesday?”. Well, that’s not how it works.

 But yes, you can find cheap flights on Tuesdays, and also Wednesday, and Friday or just any other day of the week. 

Whoever came up with this Tuesday thing surely didn’t understand how airlines work. The flight fare is fluid. It keeps changing constantly. Airlines change prices by hours to attract more customers at the last minute.

Therefore, saying a certain day of the week has cheaper flights is total crap and illogical myth. Don’t fall for it. Speaking from experience; the price of a flight is affected by many factors and the specific day isn’t one of them.

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The Best Day to Travel for Cheap Flights

So if it's not Tuesday, then what. How do you book cheap flights, is it another day or what? the best day to buy flights 2021 is not a day.

It's not the time that matters, it is not about on which “day” you buy a ticket. What matters is when you get on that flight.

You see, a flight ticket is just like a road. The less traffic, the better for you and vice versa. Therefore, traveling on a day which has fewer people coming in and going out can help you book cheaper flights.

These “off-peak” days like Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays are cheaper. However, this might vary based on location and several other factors. Similarly, avoiding the peak season gets you cheaper tickets.

Peak Season revolves around holidays and pleasant weather. So do your research and hunt for those cheaper lights out there. Moreover, if you can shift your departure and return dates a little forward or backward, you can save 100s of dollars on the ticket.


How do I find the cheapest flights?

The best day to buy airline tickets in 2021 is the day you understand you can’t find cheaper flights on Tuesday. However, we have brought some tips and tricks you can follow to find the flight that fits your budget.

·         Be flexible: don’t be rigid with dates, be flexible allows you to find cheaper options to the location you want to travel to.

·         The later the cheaper: the first flights of the days are usually more expensive as compared to the later ones. So, choosing the night flight can help you save a few bucks.

·         Book early: people often ask “Do flights get cheaper closer to the date?” no but the opposite of this is true. Booking a flight well in advance is cheaper as compared to buying one of the last dates. 

·         Do flight prices go up the more you search? Yes. So, keep in mind to clear your cookies and cache before you buy the flight itself.


What is the best website for airline tickets?

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