5 Amazing Places to Visit in Newark NJ

  1. Branch Brook Park - Branch Brook Park is the largest public park in Newark, located on Clifton Avenue between Forest Hill and Roseville. One of the provincial parks in the U.S. Branch Brook Park was built in 1895 by the Essex County Parks Commission. The park has dwelled approx. 360 acres, and it is famous for its cherry blossom trees. The park is also named Cherryblossomland because more than 4,300 trees have been in the area, and the park treats a Cherry Blossom Festival every April. In extension to trees, the park also has lakes, bridges, and sculptures. The Park Roller Skating Center highlights live DJs, a game area, and a cafe. It is a popular spot for functions like birthday parties. The versatility of the park makes it count in the best places to visit in Newark.
  2. Riverfront Park - It is located on the south side of the Passaic River. It is a popular park that connects the inbound of New Jersey with the river. Newark has very few green spaces. The Riverfront Park is enjoyable for people from Ironbound of New Jersey and other parts of the city. This place also stands for tourist attraction in New Jersey. The Riverfront Park is a great place to explore and enjoy a walk along the river. The park also entertains many events and exercises such as yoga and Zumba classes. The park has a mission to promote physical health and environmental consciousness. This park is also admired for fun and outdoor activities Newark.
  3. Symphony Orchestra - The Symphony Orchestra is an American orchestra and the state orchestra of New Jersey organized in 1922. The orchestra of New Jersey also plays for Performing Arts Center. The symphony performs at six venues in New Jersey like Princeton University and Englewood’s Bergen Performing Arts Center. The orchestra also plays for summer concerts at various locations and festivities around the state. Being a part of the Resources for Education and Community Harmony (REACH) program, tiny groups of musicians from the symphony function assembly works around New Jersey. New Jersey Symphony Orchestra Academy is another educational program in New Jersey that gives students opportunities to develop musically through alliances between schools and the orchestra.
  4. Newark Museum - Located in Washington Street of New Jersey, this place is the home of many global artworks and natural science exhibits. Newark Museum is established in 1909 and is the largest Museum in New Jersey. Its art collection includes works of ancient art, contemporary art, and decorative art from all over the globe. Its Tibetan galleries contain a Buddhist chantry anointed by the Dalai Lama. If you are looking for things to do near Newark Airport, New Jersey, this is the place to visit. In extension to the artwork, the museum is consecrated to natural sciences.
  5. Prudential Centre - Established in 2007, Prudential Centre is located in Lafayette Street in the central business district of Newark. The Centre is a large multi-purpose indoor stadium that holds an audience of around 17,000 people for hockey games and over 18,000 people for basketball games. The Prudential Center is the hometown of the National Hockey League, New Jersey. The Center also hosts music shows and special events like Disney on Ice. The Restaurant at Prudential Center emphasizes American food and drinks. The Center has been an essential part of the renewal of downtown Newark. Watching a classic game in Prudential Centre is among the bestthings to do near Newark Airport.

4 Most Romantic Things to Do in NJ

  1. New Hope Town - It's a small town in the county side. This town of New hope is the perfect place for couples to visit for a day trip. Couples enjoy eclectic shopping, scenic riverside dining, vibrant nightlife, and plenty of fun events. New Hope is named America's Favourite town for travel and leisure. Exploring this place is one of the romantic things to do in Newark NJ.
  2. Visit Lambertville - The City of Lambertville is situated on the western edge of Central New Jersey. This place is perfect for couples interested in art and history. The town is filled with antique stores, art galleries, and cozy coffee shops.
  3. Appalachian Trail - Hike the longest trial in the world. Adventure is something loved by every couple to explore and enjoy nature and its wonders. There's no other way to do this than hiking along the Appalachian Trail. The trial measures about 72 miles in New Jersey before peeking in the state of New York. Do not forget to take a camera with you to witness some of the most breathtaking views of Stokes State Forest, the Kittatinny Mountains, and the beautiful Sunrise Mountain. Appalachian Trail is one of the best spots for outdoor activities Newark.
  4. Discover Cap May - Cap May is known as America's oldest seaside resort. It has a rich history and elegant atmosphere that secretes romance between couples. Every year so many couples came to Jersey to enjoy its pristine beaches and Victorian homes. Tour lighthouses, go whale watching or spend some time at the winery. Cap May has the best celebrations for Christmas especially loved by couples. This makes it an excellent option for couples to do romantic things in Newark NJ.

3 Delicious Food Places in Newark NJ

Here are some of the best places to eat in Newark NJ.

  1. Nico Kitchen and Bar - It is a famous restaurant in the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. Its dining room can fit approx 185 people, and 50 more can rest at the bar. On production nights and often during lunch hours, the restaurant is jammed. It is an elegant place, the high dome makes the dining room look even more spacious, but the soft natural color plot and satisfactory seating make it feel cozy.
  2. Mercato Tomato Pie - Located in a building on Market Street in the center of Newark. They are making fabulous thin-crust pizzas for more than 50 years. The best part is watching the chef throwing a pizza in the air and not just showing skills. Making it best in taste with fresh farm tomatoes, handmade cheeses, pepperoni and sausages, and every imaginable topping they assure to serve the best pizza you ever had. This restaurant is recommended by most travelers among the best place to visit in Newark.
  3. Top's Diner - It is one of the US's most famous and historic family-owned restaurants, originally organized in East Newark in 1942. It serves more than 13,000 customers weekly, open from early morning to late-night services throughout the week. A wide variety of classic breakfast meals is served up during the day, varying from traditional eggs Benedict and creative housemade omelets to fresh fruit French toast, Belgian waffles. House favorite dishes include fried chicken, three-cheese meatloaf, barbecue-braised beef short ribs, and Cajun-style shrimp.

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