Best Water Parks in Miami

Water parks and Miami. We can all agree that there are two things that everyone loves. And why not, both of these are just amazing places we all tend to enjoy. But do you know, how you can double this fun? By exploring the water parks in Miami!


In this blog, we are going to explore the best water parks in Miami. Some of these might surprise you. So pack your bags, and be ready for a trip, because after reading this you won’t be able to stop yourself. For we will be looking at the biggest water park in Miami, as well as the most amazing ones.

With that said, let's get into this:


Tidal Cove

Tidal Cove is a newly built water park, which was introduced as an addition to the already existing, Aventura’s JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa. And let us tell you, this place is pure bliss, especially for kids. 


One can’t help but put it on the list of best water park hotels in Miami. In addition to this, this water park is free to all, as well as open to the public. 


You will find all the typical water slides, lazy rivers, and other fun rides, at this water park. All in all, Tidal Cove has everything your normal water park does, plus some extra fun. 


What’s this extra fun? We are talking about the splash zone where kids can fool around. And all of you adults can enjoy a low Rider surf simulator. But this isn't all, Tidal Cove also offers two full bars as well as cabanas. 


If you are planning a trip to this park, you can not afford to muss The Boomerang. It is a brief yet quite amazing experience that makes you feel like you are in space. 


Rapids Water Park

If you are a Florida kid, you know what Rapid Water park is just special. While it might not be the best water park, it is certainly among the top. But that's, not what's important here. 


You see, this water park has been a dream of every kid to celebrate their birthday party at. But this isn’t all, This water park doesn’t live in heart of thousands of children for nothing. It has just an insane amount of slides to offers. Oh Boy if they are not good. 


Not to forget the amazing lazy river of Rapids Water Park. It is the best offering of the park and something that you must try. There is a lot of enjoyment in this water park, and it can keep your whole family entertained. 


Though it is located some distance from Miami, it's something worth traveling for. 


Venetian Pool

If there were to be Picasso in water parks, it would be Venetian Pool. Built-in 1923, this isn't like your typical water-park, but it is certainly one of the best water parks in Miami Florida. And, it's quite fancy. 


The 820,000-gallon Venetian Pool is fed by natural water springs, which isn't even the most amazing thing about the water park. It is that this was created on a naturally occurring coral rock quarry. How amazing is that? 


Completing the natural theme are the palm trees, that surround the place. Plus, it also offers fields where you can enjoy the shade as well as porticoes. If this isn't the best way to fight Florida, heat, we don’t know what is. 


This amazing water park is one from March to November. And it allows anyone above the age of three to enjoy this natural beauty. 


Surfside Community Center

Again, Surfside Community Center ranges far from the average water park. While it's not a water park as a whole, the aquatics area here is like none other. 


Surfside has just a whole lot of water activities to offer for just everyone. If you are taking kids along, they can enjoy the Zero-Depth pools, as well as The TOT LOT (kids’ area). This place also houses multiple water slides, which are safe for kids too. 


Apart from this, this place also has recreational and lap swimming on the menu. So, if you are into that, enjoy it. However, if you want to get in you need to find a friend there. Because the center is only open to the residents and their guests. 


Zoo Miami

Last but not the least, is the Zoo Miami. Yeah, you read that right. It is a zoo, but it also offers playground-Esque water attracts. While it isn't exactly a water park, it's something close. But who cares, focus on having fun. 


One of the main attractions of the place is the “whale tail waterfall”, which is a giant spray fountain. In addition to this, you can also check out Ocean Voyage, and the Fiesta Fountain housed at the Amazon and Beyond Village Plaza. 


All in all, this is a great place to have fun with your kids and escape the Florida heat in some fun water. Isn't that what makes a water park, enjoyable? 


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