How to Book Flight for Unborn Baby?


Booking a flight can be a hassle if you aren’t used to it, and don’t already know what goes where. But the real trouble is when you ask the question How to Book Flight for Unborn Baby. Because as we all know, booking a flight requires a lot of information and documents. And as a matter of fact, an unborn baby has none.

Yet, there must be some way to book a flight for an unborn baby too, right? Well, as it turns out, there is. In this blog, we shall be discussing the same. So, with this being said, let’s get straight into it: 


Can you book a flight for a baby without a passport?


Just like any other person, an unborn child won’t require a passport, or any other sort of Identification, if the travel is domestic i.e. within the boundaries of the United States of America. There are few exceptions, but this is about it.

Nevertheless, if your travel is international, you will require a passport, as the USA requires every person, regardless of age, gender, or any other factor for that matter. So, naturally, the unborn baby will require a passport, if he/she is expected to be born by the date of travel.


Lap-Children Don’t Need Tickets


If you didn’t already know, a lap-child doesn’t need a ticket. So, if you are planning to keep your child in your lap, you don’t need a ticket. However, this isn’t a recommended option since flights can be long, and having a baby in your lap the whole way, can be uncomfortable for you as well as the baby at the same time.

Now that this is done, we shall be looking at the process of the book a domestic flight for an unborn baby.


Booking a Flight for Unborn Baby


In this section of the blog, we shall be discussing How to buy a plane ticket for the unborn baby. For the sake of simplicity, and ease to read. Moving on, steps are, as mentioned below:

Putting Name and Birthdate in the ticket

The first thing you will need when booking a plane ticket for the unborn child is of course a name and birthdate. Now, as we all already know, an unborn baby has neither a name (not officially at least) and neither a birthdate.

But in our favor, in this case, neither of them needs to be accurate. Because they can’t be, for obvious reasons. All you need to do is decide a name for the baby, and put an expected date if you don’t already have one from your doctor. You only need to be accurate enough.

Moving on, let’s look at both of these things in detail, below:

The name

As a matter of fact, you can put the first name in as Baby, and the last name is whatever is the last name of the family. Nevertheless, you can also put some other made-up name, since flight booking doesn’t require a middle name to be put it.

But one downside to this is that you won’t be able to earn miles from this Plane ticket for the unborn child. If you don’t care about that, this is the way to go.

The Birthdate

Like we already said, if your doctor hasn’t given you an expected date, you can put a date on your own. It doesn’t need to be accurate, just a little close to it, you get the gist of it. 

And this is all you need to do. With this being said, let’s move on to the next step of How to buy a plane ticket for an unborn baby?.


Update the necessary information with the airline once the baby is born


Now, if the information you filled in before the birth matches the one after the birth, you don’t need to change anything. However, in some cases, parents don’t predetermine or check the gender of the child. So, in case you have put in the wrong gender, as well as birthdate. You can change it now. the change of this information won’t actually affect the flight ticket itself.