Glacier National Park has been a tourist attraction for quite a while now. People from America and all across the world are keen to visit this park. And why not, Visit Glacier Park is like laying in the lap of mother nature. With a sky as blue as dreams, beautiful valleys full of flora and fauna, high rising mountains, and soothing lakes, this is just a sight to behold. This the main reason, everyone looks for Closest Airport to Glacier National Park. Everyone wants to be in this place. There’s just no helping it.
However, what people don’t realize is the fact that there are several ways to get to Glacier. Even if you are dead-set on flying there are a bunch of options. This blog will help you learn all you need to know for Flying to Glacier national park. The more options you have the better right? Absolutely.  That’s why reading this blog will help you explore all the different ways to get to Glacier. In case one is not available you take another, there no stopping you from getting to this heaven on the other. Thus, without further ado, lets dive into it: 

Here is how You Can Fly to Glacier National Park

There is more than one way of getting to your destination, that is the Glacier National Park. However, before you finalize your trip plan, users should know all the options. Yes, you have heard that right. There is not one but multiple ways to fly to Glaciers. Knowing all your options will help you plan better and save money on travel.
So, stop searching “what is the closest airport to glacier national park” and read the list below. These are, as mentioned below: 
FCA Airport
Glacier Part International Airport one of the best options while you are traveling to Glacier Park. FCA Airport is the main hub of the region. You can take it as the gateway to Northwest holding Glacier National Park.
Moreover, this airport is located in a place called Kalispell. If you want to get to your destination quicker this is the way to go. Reason being that FCA is the closest airport to glacier national park. Thus, the quickest way to your destination. 
This hub is just a 12-mile drive away from Whitefish. In total, you need to travel 40 miles to get to the west entrance of Glacier National Park.
Glacier Park Airport
You might not have heard of this one before, but its airway has gained popularity in recent times. This is the Glacier Park Airport. Since then, the number of direct flights to the hub is growing rapidly. Thus, it is an option you should consider. 
You take a flight to this airport from almost all major US cities. This includes locations like Seattle, Denver, and other airline major hubs. In addition to this, almost all major airlines cover this location too. For instance, you can take flight from Salt Lake City and Minneapolis offered by Delta’s flies, 365 days. Plus, you can also take Alaska Airlines from Seattle.  
Moreover, In winter the number of options increases even future. This airway is one of the favorites among frequent travel. Thus, you should consider this new air hub too.
One-stop and away
Understandably, direct flights can be expensive. Plus, for a major location like Glacier National park, flight fare increases even higher. This can create a problem for travels who are on a tight budget. Because not everyone wants to spend all of their savings on travel. There are several important things too. If you are one of those people, this option is for you.
Several flight options fly to Glacier Park International while stopping once in the way. This helps you lower the cost of your travel significantly. If you are someone who doesn’t mind travel with a bit of delay or even better if someone who likes to spend time flying and at the airport.  
Moreover, this is one of the more economic options that people often prefer. Who minds taking a flight with one layover and saving some bucks? The answer is no one. 
From Up North
This is another popular option among travels who don’t mind spending some extra time on the road (or sky). International travel often flies to Calgary, Alberta. This location is north. From here, they take the road south to the northern regions of the destination that is Glacier National Park. This is a four-hour drive from Calgary to the northern part of Glacier. 
This is a fun option for those of you who love to travel. For this path shall take you through St. Mary Village. This is another major tourist attraction and a place that you would love to see. 


Alternative ways to Glacier National Park

Not everyone loves to travel by flight, not everyone is looking for Closest Airport to Glacier National Park. Some people are all about that feeling of travel through the road under the blue sky. If you are one of these people, worry not. There is something for you too. 
Considering that not everyone wants to take a flight. There are several other alternatives that you would enjoy. Therefore, these are, as mentioned below:
Taking A Train
Traveling through a train is the dream of many travelers. Luckily for you, there are train routes that can take you to Glacier National Park. There are several major train depts on the Empire Builder line. For instance, Amtrak services East Glacier, West Glacier, and Whitefish train. 
You can take a train to Glacier as far as Chicago or the other side of the country Portland and Seattle.
Good old Road
Nothing can defeat the feel of traveling by road. Depending on the location, your travel time can vary. However, if you are all about those road trips. This is an excellent option that you should try. Take a van or RV and get to the road with your family. 

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