How Can I Buy a Plane Ticket With Cash?


You can use your cash to buy a plane ticket but the process can be quite typical and it takes so much time if you thinking to buy a plane ticket using cash. You know there are many people out there who prefer using cash instead of debit cards/credit cards. There is no particular reason why people use cash while purchasing plane tickets but if we talk about it generally some people use cash to avoid the flow of money and some use them to stop the tracking. We have an answer to your question how can I buy a plane ticket with cash?

  • Buy a Plane ticket with cash at the airport counters
  • Money orders can also be used at airports, but if you want to avoid personal checks avoid using a money order,

If you are buying a plane ticket with cash, you have to show some government-issued personal id at the counter.


Where can I buy a plane ticket with cash other than going to the Airport?


There are several places you can buy a plane ticket with cash rather than going to the airport.

  • Search for the travel centers.
  • Some Airlines have alternative offices near to the airport where you can buy a ticket with cash.
  • Find the Travel agents.

Are travel Agents help you to buy Airlines Ticket with cash?     


Yes, travel agents can help you to buy airplane tickets in cash, most of the travel agents accept their fees and ticket price in cash only. You can ask them the mode of transaction. You can even find affordable prices for your destination flights, all you have to do is compare the prices with every airline.


Can I buy a plane ticket with the cash app?


Yes, you can buy a plane ticket with a cash app. Cash app is a digital wallet and payment app used by many people in the US. just like PayPal and Venmo cash app provides several services to the user and it also allows people to make a bitcoin trade and have a personalized cash card. Besides using it for buying plane tickets cash app can also be used to pay for the traveling expenses and during this, you can save a lot amount of money. You can split bills with it as well as it can be used to make budgets. Cash apps can’t be used internationally so always make sure that they accept the cash app before making any purchase.


Can I buy a plane ticket with cash southwest?


Yes, you can buy a plane ticket with cash for southwest airlines but at selected airport counters. After the new policy, southwest airlines limited their cash counters to some airports only and only international airports collect the cash you can’t buy domestic flight tickets with cash.

Airports that accept cash:




Amarillo, TX


Burbank, CA


Corpus Christi, TX


Dallas, TX


Washington DC


Northwest Florida


Spokane, WA


Greenville, SC


Honolulu, Oahu, HI


Harlingen, TX


Islip, NY




Los Angeles, CA


Lubbock, TX


Lihue, Kauai, HI


Midland, TX


Manchester, NH


Ontario, CA


Philadelphia, PA


Pensacola, FL


Portland, ME


Raleigh, NC


Orange County, CA


St. Louis, MO


Tampa, FL



Buying Plane Ticket with Credit/Debit Card


Buying plane tickets from a debit card or credit card is an easy process and it does not take much time to book a plane ticket using a debit or credit card. There are also some offers and discounts for the customers if they book a ticket using a credit card, you can save a good amount of money.


Can you buy items on board?


Airlines services stop using cash for buying items on board for beverages, snacks, and meals. The reason behind stopping using cash is the coronavirus outbreak.