Can I Transfer my Spirit Airline Ticket to Someone Else?


We love to travel by airplane as it is faster and reliable and it allows us to travel in an efficient manner, also loads of cargo is transferred from one place to another through it which is playing an important role in the economy. Sometimes traveling comes with a lot of mess, a situation arises when you have to postpone your journey the due to some emergency and you have to cancel the tickets. The alternative option is transferring the ticket to another person but here question that strikes our mind can I transfer my spirit airline ticket to someone else? So let’s find out is it possible or not.


Can Spirit Airlines Ticket Be Transferred?


Spirit Airlines is the United States' 7th largest commercial airline. Spirit Airlines serves the US, South America, Mexico, Latin America, and the Caribbean. It has over 73 destinations around the world. Spirit Airlines is a budget airline. Spirit airline is a popular airline due to its best services whether it is seat availability, customer service, or ticket cost.


Can You Transfer Airline Tickets to Another Person?


You can easily transfer your spirit airlines ticket, here we have added the steps by step process to help you to transfer plane tickets to another person.

·       Visit the official website of the spirit airlines

·       Now click on the travel info you will find at the top of the bar

·       Click on the modify/cancel button

·       Now add your ticket details and then click enter

·       You can transfer the ticket by calling their customer number (1805-372-0680)


How to Change Passenger Name on Spirit?


It happens when you booked tickets and when the confirmation comes you found out that you mistakenly added the wrong name. You don’t have to panic about this as it can be corrected easily.

·       Visit the official website of the Spirit Airlines

·       Now click on the manage my travel option you can find top of the website’s homepage

·       Enter the details

·       A details page will pop up, press the edit booking option

·       After adding the correct name click the confirm button


How Much Does it Cost to Change a Name on a Plane Ticket?


You can easily make modifications to your bookings spirit airlines change the name on a ticket or correct other errors but this comes with some cost, you have to pay some charges.

The charges may apply according to how many days you are making the changes.

·       0-6 days from departure –  $79

·       7-14 days from departure –  $59

·       15-59 days from departure –  $39

·       60+ days from departure –  Free


Can I Use my Spirit Credit for Someone Else?


Yes, it is possible to use spirit credits to book or purchase tickets for someone else. You can do this by following the regulation appointed by spirit airlines.

You can use credits by using this method

·       Visit the Spirit Airlines website and login into your account

·       Now select the flight booking option and fill out the details required

·       Select the flight and add the passenger details

·       Select the Spirit credits

·       You have to pick the Redeem a Voucher or Credit option as a payment in the last

·       Now complete the payment


Are Spirit Airline Tickets Changeable?


Yes, you can easily cancel/modify your Spirit tickets. Here we have added step by step procedure to cancel and modify.


How to Get Your Spirit Airlines Flights Cancelled?


You can cancel your Spirit Airlines flight ticket by going to the airline's official website.

• Visit the website.

• Go to the homepage and click on the My Trip link.

• Enter the passenger's name and the confirmation code, which you can find in your email box.

• Now, on the page, click the continue button


Ticket Cancellation/ Modification Through Spirit Airlines Customer Service


By calling Spirit Airlines' customer service phone number, you can also cancel or make changes to your Spirit Airlines reservations. The phone number for Spirit Airlines can be found on the website.


Spirit Airlines Customer Service


Spirit Airlines Global Support


·        Toll-free spirit sales and guest service (International and domestic) - +1-855-728-3555 or Text at 48763

·       Calling from Mexico then dial 800030071 or WhatsApp +18557283555

·       Working Hours: 7 days a week, 24 hours a day


Cancel and Change Reservation


·       No amount will be charged if you want to cancel your reservation before 60 days of departure

·       An amount will be charged if you want to cancel your reservation before 2 days of departure

·        WhatsApp at +1-855-728-3555 or Text at 48763


Email Details


·       For Group travel -

·       For travel Agents -




2800 Executive Way, Miramar, Florida,33025, United States


Can You Transfer a Plane Ticket to Someone Else's Name Frontier?


You can change your name on your Frontier ticket before your travel, you can do it by paying some charges.

·       Any imbalance between the previously paid fare and the current fare selling for the same itinerary

·       Fee is $75