10 Steps to Turn Your Economy Class Flights into First Class


Truth be told, first-class flights despite being expensive are quite desirable. However, not everyone wants to spend that kind of money. What if we told you that you don’t need to.

Yes, you heard that right. we have brought to you 10 Tips to Make Your Economy Flight Feel Like It’s First Class. So without further ado, let’s get into it:


1.Choosing the Right Airlines

What if we tell you, even the economy class experience can greatly carry depending on which airline you choose? Considering this, the first step in making your economy class feel like first-class is choosing the best possible airlines.

This might a little bit of research before booking the flight. Looking at reviews and asking your friends or family who has used the said airlines before is also a good idea.

Moreover, there are several websites available online that can help you compare the economy class flight of different airlines and airplanes. You can even compare seat width, the power supply, Wi-Fi quality, and many other things like this.

Therefore, getting one of the different Premium Economy Class Flights can improve your travel. However, if you don’t have any options, you can at least do your research about the said flight. Doing this will help you prepare better for the flight.


2. A good travel pillow

Trust us on this one, you can’t overestimate the importance of a quality travel pillow on a flight. After all, you don’t want your head going from one end of the seat to another while you are trying to sleep.

A good quality pillow can help you get quality sleep regardless of the flight you are on. Since one of the biggest differences between first class and economy class is the quality of seat and support, a pillow can do that for you.

Now some of you might say, flights offer free travel pillows. But thing is that these are as good as nothing. They don’t provide any support and slip away from your head while you are trying to sleep.

Investing in a good quality travel pillow even if it’s a bit expensive, is worth it. The good neck support is more important than one might assume. With the right pillow, you will be sleeping in an economy class flight and dreaming in First-Class/Business Class Flight.


3. Elevate legs

Another major difference between first class and economy class is the amount of legroom you get. We all know the pain of squeezing your legs in a tight space. Not all these give joint pain and swelling, it can cause your travel to feel like punishment.

One of the easy ways of avoiding it is to raise your legs a bit. What this does will help in better circulation as well as help reduce cramps and joint pain.

Add portable footrest with it, and your foot is going to thank you. Apart from this, there are several devices like travel foot hammock that can help you rest your feet during the flight. This is without a doubt one of those things that will make your economy class feel like a first-class flight.


4. Asking for an upgrade

More often than not, planes fly with several empty seats. This is quite likely when you are flying to a not-so-active location. Regardless, our point of focus is the empty seats. Sometimes rows of the same class are empty, sometimes higher class seats are also empty.

Since no one is using them anyway, how about you take one of them? Yes, it is quite possible. All you have to do is ask your flight attendant if they can move you to a different seat.

If the seats are empty, they won’t say no (well, most of the time). With this, you can move from one seat to three empty seats. They can even move you to a higher class, and yes this includes first class.


5. Duty-free treats

One thing every traveler can agree on is this” flight food is never enjoyable”. Regardless of the reason, food is just not the same. But there is a considerable amount of difference between the food economy class passengers get and the one served to people traveling on first-class flights.

Plus, adding food to your ticket is not cheap. But what if we tell you there is a better option? Take some snacks that you enjoy with you from the duty-free zone. In addition to being cheaper, they are also a lot more enjoyable on the flight.


6. Good headphones or earplugs

Not everyone travels in a private jet. So, there are many other people on the flight. This might not sound like an issue but the real is sound they make. Well, between all the people chattering, arguing, babies crying, the sound of the plane itself, you can’t get the peace you deserve. 

Now we can’t ask you to buy a private jet, but there is something else that you can buy which is much cheaper (comparatively). Investing in a good pair of headphones can prove to be very fruitful on the flight.

It won’t only help you block out all the noise, but also let you focus on what you are listening to or watching. If you are not someone who enjoys headphones, earplugs are also a great option to block out noise and help you sleep in peace.

7. Selecting the seat

Now when you are booking your Premium Economy Class Flights, you need to be very careful. The reason being that seat you choose can greatly impact the experience you are going to have.

If you have a window seat, you won’t be disturbed by people frequenting the toilet. If you are one of them, take an aisle seat.

Moreover, it is a popular belief that exit row seats are the best. While it is true that they have extra legroom, there is a catch. These seats do not recline. If you can live with that go for it.

Choosing the right seat is ranking quite high on the list of 10 Tips to Make Your Economy Flight Feel Like It’s First Class. So, keep these things in mind travel first class in economy class flight. 


8. Sleeping mask

Add a travel pillow with earplugs and a sleeping mask, and you will be in a world of your own. The sleeping mask can help if light won’t let you sleep.

It blocks ambient lighting and lets your eyes rest. Therefore, buy a good sleeping mask that is comfortable while you are sleeping. Come it with other tools you have brought and you will be creating a first-class flight cabin of your own.


9. Take your blanket

It’s no secret that flights can get cold and chilly. Sitting in one place for hours can add to the problem as your body can’t produce require heat.

In addition to this, flight attends sometimes forget to provide blankets. Even if they do provide the same, they can be quite thin.

Therefore, bring your own soft and war, blanket to the flight is a good option. This will make your economy class sleep feel like a first-class one.


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