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Book Cheap flights from Atlanta to Orlando

Cheap flights from Atlanta to Orlando

If you are someone living in Atlanta, you must have heard your friends bragging about visiting Orlando. Due to the close distance between these cities, the people of Atlanta often visit Orlando. And why not? This is a place surrounded by beautiful waters.

Nowadays, people including you are quite busy with their work life. Each day roasting in the burning heat of corporate life. What better way to put out this fire than the waters of Orlando? Take your family with you, or if you are a young couple it's even better. Nevertheless, Orlando is also a fun place to visit with your friends.

This is the main reason why all the flights from Atlanta to Orlando are sold out so quickly, people just can’t wait to visit this seaside city. But you can’t blame them, you want to visit this dreamy location too, right? But there might be a hurdle in your way that might be stopping you from realizing this dream.

This hurdle is expensive flight tickets. Since Orlando is such a huge attraction, it receives millions and millions of tourists each year. This is all good and well until you look at the ticket prices. You see, the more air traffic a place receives, the more expensive flights are. Consequently, the Atlanta to Orlando flights aren’t that affordable.

This can be a problem for people looking for a quick getaway from Atlanta to Orlando. And when you see that alternatives are no good either, you think of canceling the plan itself. But you don’t want that, and neither do we.

This is why we have brought to you the best possible ways of booking cheap flights from Atlanta to Orlando “Dealofly”. Not only do we provide the best offers, but we also take care of your every need. Plus, our customer care is open to help you 24/7. Dealofly is the answer to all your travel needs.

Tips to book Cheap flights from Atlanta to Orlando

Dealofly provides you best offers on flights. But what if we told you, there are tricks to get them even cheaper? Here, we will be telling you how to make the best out of Dealofly and get the cheapest possible flights to Orlando from Atlanta. At the end of the day, who doesn’t love some extra bucks in their pockets?

With that said, let's see what these tips and tricks are:

  • Book flights with Dealofly: buying your plane tickets from Atlanta to Orlando with Dealofly is the best method to get cheap flights. With the most affordable options and best packages on offer, this is the website that will help you save money on flights.
  • Always travel during the off-season (if possible): if the situation permits it is recommended that you travel during the off-season. Reason being that flights to Orlando are most expensive during the peak season.
  • Book flights 2 weeks prior: did you know that just by booking a flight early you can say a lot of money on flights to Orlando? Well, now you do. It is recommended that you book your flight at least 2 weeks before.
  • Don’t fly direct: see, there are two types of flight. One that flies directly to the location, one the takes a few stops in between. This happens on long flights mostly. Yet if there is an option for the latter one, choose this as it is cheaper.
  • Be flexible with date: now, don’t ask how this works but being flexible with travel dates can help you save a lot of money. You can even change the date after booking the flight. So, stay vigilant.
  • Best places to visit in Orlando

    Now, that you are done with booking airline tickets from Atlanta to Orlando. Now it's time to look at the places you will visit once you land at the destination that is Orlando. Since it is not possible to visit each attraction offered by this seaside city, we have compiled a list of 10 places that you just have to visit. (a hint: there is a lot of water and Disney). Enough said, let's get into the list:

    1. Walt Disney World Parks
    2. Universal Theme Parks
    3. SeaWorld
    4. Discovery Cove
    5. Typhoon Lagoon
    6. Volcano Bay
    7. Kennedy Space Center
    8. Kennedy Space Center
    9. Gatorland
    10. Exotic Animal Experience

    Flights to Orlando from Atlanta

    Orlando is quite a famous location in the USA. As such, it gets a lot of flights from almost every major location across the country. This also includes Atlanta. In fact, due to how close these two cities are located, an even greater number of flights cover these locations. So getting a flight from Atlanta to Orlando is not that big of a deal.

    Atlanta to Orlando distance stands at 404 miles or 650 KM. In the world of air travel, this distance is not much. That’s why the Atlanta to Orlando flight time is just 1 hour 20 minutes. Moreover, almost all major domestic and some international airlines offer their flights between these two locations. You can find all of these flights on Dealofly.

    Airports in Orlando and Atlanta

    Being such a big tourist hub, Orlando has more than one airport to offer you. These are, as mentioned below;

  • Orlando International Airport
  • Sanford International Airport
  • Unlike the major cities, Atlanta only has one single airport. Which is, as mentioned below:

  • Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport
  • Best time to visit Orlando

    If you looking for a cheap flight from Atlanta to Orlando. It is recommended that you avoid the peak season. Nevertheless, you may find the period between March and May the best time to visit this dreamy water land. During this time, you can find pleasant weather as well as affordable flight options. With this said, you are all set to travel to your dream location called Orlando. And since you are already at the best place to book flights from Atlanta to Orlando, you might as well finalize your trip.


  • Do you need a passport to visit Orlando?
  • No, since it is domestic travel, you don’t need a passport. However, you do need to carry some sort of identification.

  • Is air travel closed due to the covid-19 induced pandemic?
  • The travel ban keeping changing from time to time. However, following the vaccination drive, people who are certified are allowed to travel. It is recommended that you check the latest guidelines before finalizing your plans.

  • How far is Orlando from Atlanta?
  • Orlando is 404 miles or 650 Kms away from Atlanta.

  • What is the cheapest way to travel from Atlanta to Orlando?
  • Flight is the cheapest way to travel from Atlanta to Orlando. Since it is quite time-efficient and costs equal if now same to alternative mediums.

  • Is there more than one Airport in Atlanta?
  • No, unlike other major cities like New York or Houston; Atlanta only has one single airport namely “Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport”.

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