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Book Cheap Flights from Denver to Los Angeles

Cheap Flights from Denver to Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a one-of-a-kind place. Even if you have never visited America, you know what LA is. such is the popularity of this place. Living up to the reputation, LA attracts millions of customers each year. While many more plan to visit it someday.

A lot of people fly from Denver to LA. Some on trips with their friends, some for parties, and who knows, so might have business work too. All in all, you just need an excuse to visit LA. You just can't stay away from this glittering city.

Are you planning to visit Los Angeles Too? Well, there is good news for you. Willingly or luckily, you have arrived at the best place to book flights Dealofly. We handpick the best offers, so you don’t have to. This is why you can always find the best offers and exciting packages on our site.

Tips for Booking Cheap Flights Ticket

We all know the reputation LA holds. It’s no surprise that millions and millions of tourists visit this city each year. If you are one of them, you understand how hard it is to find cheap flights from Denver to Los Angeles. This can be a big problem if you are on a tight budget. After all, a trip has several other expenses too.

This is why we have brought to you some tips that will you book Denver to Los Angeles flights at affordable rates. With that said, let's get into it:

2-week rule: did you know that just by booking your flight 2 week early you can save a lot of money? Well, it is true. This is why we always recommend you to book a flight at least 2 weeks before the day of travel helps you get quite some discount on flights.

Avoid high season: high season or peak season, whatever you may call it, it should be avoided at all costs. It is to say that during these times and during the times of festivals and celebrations, flights are especially expensive to Los Angeles. This is even more relevant to LA as it is a tourist hub.

Don’t fly direct: truth be told, flying directly to Los Angeles won’t be cheap. This is also true with other locations. However, what you can do is book a flight to some location near Los Angeles and then travel to your destination.

Noon flights: morning flights are way more expensive as compared to the ones flying throughout the rest of the day. That is why it is recommended that you book plane tickets from Denver to Los Angeles that depart at noon.

Try different airlines: you might be loyal to airlines but you should also check others. What we mean is suppose you always fly delta, but if southwest flights from Denver today are cheaper, why not take it? This way you can save a lot of money if you get the right offer.

Book with Dealofly: if none of these methods work, you still have Dealofly. If you are looking for cheap flights from Denver to Los Angeles, book it with Dealofly. We offer the best prices without compromising your travel comfort. Don’t just look, take the flight you deserve.

Best places to visit and things to do in Denver

Know that you know how to find and book flights from Denver to Los Angeles, it is time to take the next step. What is the next step? Well, it is planning the trip. The flight will only get you there, you have to explore LA for yourself. For that, you need to make a list of places that you want to visit.

To help you with that, we have brought a list of ten places that you should visit when you are in Los Angeles. With that said, let’s get into it:

  • Hollywood Sign
  • La Brea Tar Pits & Page Museum
  • Rodeo Drive
  • Santa Monica Pier
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Disneyland
  • Getty Center
  • Griffith Park & Observatory
  • Venice Beach
  • Airports in Denver and Los Angeles

    Los Angeles has been the gem-studded place it is, gets millions of people as a tourist. This includes both local and international ones. To successfully accommodate these people, several airports are operating in LA. It has one of the busiest airports in the United States. The following are the airports of Los Angeles:

  • Long Beach Airport
  • Hollywood Burbank Airport
  • Los Angeles International Airport
  • Ontario International Airport
  • John Wayne Airport
  • Moving on, even though Denver is not as large as Los Angeles, it too offers its tourist several options in terms of Airports. Namely:

  • Denver International Airport
  • Centennial Airport
  • Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport
  • Boulder Municipal Airport
  • Erie Municipal Airport
  • So, these are the airports of both cities. Between Denver and Los Angeles, 1,332 direct flights are exchanged. It averages at 190 per day. The number would be even greater if we include indirect ones. So, it is safe to say, you can always get flights from Denver to Los Angeles without much Hussle.

    As far as distance is concerned, Denver is 862 miles or 1387 kilometers apart from LA. A direct flight takes approx. 2 hours 7 minutes to cover the distance. This is all you need to know about flying to Los Angeles from Denver, now it's time to discuss the best time to visit.

    Best time to visit Los Angelese

    While booking flights from Los Angeles to Denver Colorado, you should avoid peak season. Doing this will help you get cheaper flights. Plus, it also helps you get extra discounts on hotels other facilities in Los Angeles. After all, the place is all about having fun, casinos, bars, discos, and much more.

    Considering this the best time to visit Los Angeles is probably between March to May. If for some reason you can’t book a flight during this time, you can also come back during September and November. During this stretch, the temperature is just rights and the crowd is also considerably smaller.

    Now, you can book a cheap flight from Denver to Los Angeles with Dealofly. Don’t just stand there, book your flight, pack your bags, and go on explore.


  • Are there any airlines that have a flexible cancellation and change policy for flights from Denver to Los Angeles?
  • Several airlines offer flexible cancellation and change policies to customers of flights from Denver to Los Angeles. However, it is recommended that you check the latest policy before booking the flight of the concerned airlines. This will save you further trouble.

  • How long does it take a direct flight to reach Denver from Los Angeles?
  • A direct flight or a nonstop flight takes a time of 2 hours 7 minutes to cover the distance between Denver and LA.

  • Is a passport required to fly to Denver from Atlanta?
  • Domestic travel i.e., traveling within the United States of America does not require you to carry a passport. But something you do need to carry is an ID.

  • What is the cheapest way to travel from Denver to Los Angeles?
  • Consider the distance between the two locations, the best bet is to take a flight from Denver.

  • How far apart are Denver and Los Angeles?
  • The distance between Denver and Los Angeles is around 862 miles or 1387 kilometers.

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