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Book cheap flights from New York to Chicago

cheap flights from New York to Chicago

People travel a lot from New York to Chicago. Sometimes it for business purposes, to reunite with friends and family. You might even travel to Chicago from New York just for fun and why not. Chicago has just so much to offer. Be it modern art, architecture, or a connection with nature, you get what you want.

This is the reason; people are in such a hurry to book cheap flights from New York to Chicago. Chicago can be a good, relax retreat from the busy New York life. You don’t enjoy a nice time off? Everyone does.

Moreover, search for your flight has brought you to the best place to book cheap flights. Take this as a sign and book cheap flights from New York to Chicago. Dealofly shall offer you the best packages without compromising the comfort of your trip.

Top tips for finding a cheap flight from New York to Chicago

It's not easy to find cheap flights for your preferred location. It's even more difficult when it's located like Chicago. Reason being that this city receives high volumes of tourists. Thus, airlines increase the flight fare.

However, you don’t need to worry. Dealofly has brought to you some tips and tricks to book cheaper flights. These are, as mentioned below:

  • Considering flying during the off-season. In Chicago, this is “August”. Avoiding the high season i.e., November, December, and January period can save you a lot on plane tickets from New York to Chicago.
  • Book a flight from New York to Chicago as early as possible. It is noted that the sooner you book the flights the cheaper they are. While the opposite is also equally true.
  • Did you know that morning departing flights are much more expensive as compared to the night ones? With this knowledge, you should choose the latter one to save money on the flight.
  • Be flexible with the date and time of flight, this will allow you to explore a great many options and help you find the cheaper ones easier.
  • Book flights from Dealofly. Customers who have booked from us, have saved at least 30% on flights to their favorite location.
  • Places to Visit in Chicago

    As we all know, a trip won’t be complete without seeing the best places around the block. That’s why this section shall introduce you to the best places in Chicago that you can’t help but visit. These attractions will make you look for cheap flights from New York to Chicago.

    So, without further ado, these places are, as mentioned below:

    Garfield Park Conservatory

    Garfield Park Conservatory is a beautiful structure of glass that offers more than 100,000 plant life to you. For those nature lovers out there, this is the place for you. This is one of the most famous attractions in Chicago.

    Art Institute of Chicago

    The Art Institute of Chicago, the name alone is famous enough to attract tourists from across the world. This museum being guarded by two iconic bronze lines offers a piece from every era. Here, you can see as many as 300,00 artworks at any time you visit, since it has a permanent collection.

    Morton Arboretum

    If you are a fan of Sculptures, this is the place you can’t miss. It’s not the title “Human + Nature” for nothing. Morton arboretum houses five famous works from Daniel Popper stretching across Morton Arboretum’s ground. These sculptures are something that you have to see in Chicago.

    Airports in New York & Chicago

    New York and Chicago both are among the big cities of the USA. For that reason, there is the number of flights to choose from while traveling through a flight from New York to Chicago. There are as many as 1,765 flights between these locations and these are just the direct ones.

    As far as distance is concerned, NYC is 711 miles away from Chicago. In terms of airports, both of the cities have more than airports. New York has several airports options to offer to the passengers. These are, as mentioned below:

  • Newark Liberty International Airport
  • LaGuardia Airport
  • John F. Kennedy International Airport
  • Moving on, there are also several different airports in Chicago.

  • DuPage County airport
  • Midway airport
  • O'Hare International airport
  • Pal-Waukee airport
  • Rockford airport
  • Cost of stay

    Calculating the cost of stay would be a good idea catching one of the flights to Chicago. It can help you avoid any surprises and plan accordingly. Plus, it can also help you optimize your budget a lot better.

    The average cost of a stay for one person is around 150 dollars In Chicago. On the other hand, the cost for you is just double at 300 dollars. Eating out in Chicago at a normal restaurant can cost you up to 30 dollars. While going a fancy one can cost up to 70 dollars.

    Public transportation is a good option and fairly inexpensive in Chicago. A single can cost you as little as 2.5 dollars. All in All, it is quite affordable to stay in Chicago as a tourist.


    • Which airlines have a flexible cancellation policy for flights from New York to Chicago due to COVID-19?
    • Several airlines offer flexible cancellation policies. Some of them are United Airlines, Air New Zealand, Delta, etc.

      Moreover, all of these have decided to waive off change and cancellation fees on flights from New York to Chicago. You should Confirm policies on the booking site before traveling as they keep changing.

    • Which airlines apply social distancing measures on flights to Chicago from New York due to COVID-19?
    • Almost all the major airlines like Alaska Airlines, LATAM Airlines, and Alitalia follow the covid guidelines the most. However, these guidelines keep changing from time to time as well as the policies of airlines follow the same.

    • How long does a flight from New York to Chicago take?
    • This depends on the flight you choose, and what type of flight it is. Assuming that you have opted out of a direct one, it going to take as much as 2h and 30 mins to cover the distance of 711 miles from New York to Chicago.

    • How many flights are there between New York and Chicago?
    • Being two of the major cities in the US, these locations are well connected. Thus, as many as 1,765 (nonstop) flights are available between New York and Chicago per week. This averages252 per day.

    • Do I need a passport to fly to Chicago from New York?
    • No. Since the travel is a domestic one, you won’t be asked to show your passport. However, an ID is still needed. So, carry one with you.

    • Which airlines fly most frequently between New York and Chicago?
    • Delta takes first place, with 30 flights between New York and Chicago daily. Second place goes to United Airlines which flies 29 times daily. Third place is held by Air New Zealand that flies 28 times daily.

    • Which airports will I be using when flying to Chicago from New York?
    • The answer is it depends. Since there are several airports in both New York and Chicago, you can opt to choose which airport to fly to/from. New York John F Kennedy Intl. is most preferred airport in NY. While Chicago Midway or Chicago O'Hare Intl. are busiest ones in Chicago.

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