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Here’s Why You Should Look For Cheap Flights To Phoenix Today

Cheap Flights To Phoenix

So, you are planning to visit Pheonix or considering it, let us tell you, this is one of the best decisions you have made. A trip to Pheonix will be a trip that you will remember all of your life, for all the good reasons. However, it is always to learn a bit about the place you are visiting.

Established in the late 1800s, this agricultural city is relatively young. Despite this, Phoenix, Arizona won’t cease to amaze you one bit. After all, there is the reason why people look out for cheap flights to Phoenix and snatch them as soon as possible.

There are a seemingly unlimited number of things that this city can offer. Located in a desert, the climate can be a bit of a problem for travelers. What do expect in a desert, a snowfall? However, this is a tradeoff that most tourists are willing to make. For each year a considerable number of people visit this city. Even you don’t need to worry that much about the heat. The City’s infrastructure is well built and fully equipped with air-condition to fight the heat.

Located in proximity to Grand Canyon, it is an anchor whole metropolitan area it surrounds. It is known as the “Valley of Sun” since it is part of the Salt River valley. Should you choose to visit this wonderful city, you won’t be bored one bit, that’s for sure. Grand Canyon is just a few miles away from this city. As such, it serves as one of the top attractions and this alone drags millions of tourists to Arizona, Pheonix each year.

After learning the fact that the tourist industry has been the longest-running sector in Phoenix, you can’t begin to imagine what attractions this place holds. After the city government started promotion in the 1920s, Phoenix has risen to become of the top 10 cities. This tells you something about the place.

Moreover, despite the desertic summer, Phoenix has excellent weather the rest of the year. Consequently, it ranks among the top Five Diamond/Five Star resorts. With at least 16 million visitors coming each year, Phoenix has more than 62,000 hotel rooms in over 500 hotels and 40 resorts to house them. The main airport of the city, Sky Harbor Airport is among the top 10 busiest airports in the world, with 40 million people coming in each year.

Pheonix is the old town it used to be. Whatever you have heard about the capital of Arizona is probably wrong. This city isn’t called the valley of the sun for no reason. What does it have you ask? Well, that’s the wrong question to ask. You should be asking what does Phoenix doesn’t have, for it has everything you can ask for.

Pheonix has everything a perfect tourist spot should. There are museums, fine dining, sites to visit, big open parks to explore, performing arts(theaters), and this list goes on and on. Coincidently, you are already at the best place to book the flight. All you have to do is select the cheapest flight to Phoenix to can find and pack your bags. Phoenix is calling you.

Tips to Find Cheap Flights to Phoenix

Looking for a cheap flight can be a real pain. Big airlines usually have high prices, that’s why they are big right? But not everyone has loads of sitting around in their house. Even if they do, no one in their right mind will spend all of their money on expensive tickets. A cheap flight never hurts anyone. If you can find a cheap flight to Phoenix, you will save a lot of money. This can be used to have fun once you are at the location.

What If someone tells you, there is a way to do just that. Yes, there is. Using these few tips you can save a lot of money on flight and minimize your expenses. These tips are, as mentioned below:

  • Keeping your travel date and time flexible can help you save a lot of money on flights. Avoiding tourist traffic, you can get cheaper flights. Plus, flights fare is also higher around specific time like new year, Christmas, and so on. Thus, by being flexible on the date of travel you can save a lot.
  • If somehow you can change your destination, you can save a lot. Now, no one is asking you to travel to a different city. What this means is that big cities have high flight fares. Thus, if you can change your destination to a smaller city that is closer to it, you can save a ton of money on tickets.
  • Always try alternative ticketing portals. As people say, not everything is created equal. Similarly, not all search engines are equal. While one of them shows you a higher price, the other one can reflect a much cheaper option. This is one of the simplest ways you can save money. However, remember to clear the cache of your device before visiting these different Portals.
  • One of the easiest things that no one follows while booking a ticket is buying the ticket in advance. In the world of aviation, flights are cheaper sooner you book them. If you are booking a fight closer date of travel it will be much more expensive. This is one of the secrets to booking a cheap flight to Pheonix or any other location.
  • Taking a layover can also save you money. Consider you are booking a flight to Pheonix. Now if you are flight is going directly to the destination it will be much more expensive. However, if you choose a flight that takes a one-stop or lay over the price will dropdown.
  • Thus, these are the secrets to booking cheap flights to a location you want to visit. Use these tips while buying your flight to Pheonix and use the amount you save to party in the city. Speaking of parties, there are many things to do in the valley of the sun. The next section shall be providing you places that you can visit in Phoenix to make the most of your time.

    Things to do and places to visit

    It’s a blessing that Phoenix has 100s or even 1000s of attraction to offer, but it can also turn into confusing trouble in no time. Yes, you heard that right. It's hard to make a choice when you have just so many things to do and places to visit.

    That’s why to make your work easier, we shall be providing you a list of 10 places in Phoenix that you just have to visit. Going to Phoenix a not visiting these locations are illegal, not really but you get the gist. Therefore, places you should visit and things you should do are, as mentioned below:

    First Fridays Monthly Art Walk

    The First Fridays of the given month are different deals in Phoenix. If you are someone who just loves art then “Friday the 1st” of Phoenix is for you. Several areas of the downtown enter into the realm of art during the first Friday of the month. With more than 70 galleries displaying art, you have never seen before. This monthly fest rotating exhibits from various artists showing their creativity on different mediums.

    This is just a sight to behold. That’s why thousands of people come together to experience this artsy day. Moreover, this tradition can be traced back more than 2 decades. As such, it is a unique way to explore the distinct and diverse art scene of Phoenix city. Apart from traditional art, you can also come face to face with live street performers as well as nosh on goodies from area eateries and food trucks. Isn’t this just a perfect way to spend your Friday? The only acceptable answer is yes.

    Cobra Arcade Bar

    Phoenix offers heaven for all those party-loving gamers. The only condition is you should be older than 21. If you fit this criterion, this is the place you will love. It’s called “Cobra Arcade Bar”. This is just the place you show off your gaming prowess.

    In addition, it also has something for those OG gamers. They can you maneuver Ms. Pac-Man around the screen, gobbling dots for points. That’s not all, there is a whole collection of the classic game. For instance, you have a game including Centipede, Donkey Kong, and Super Mario Bros. Signature cocktails like the Crazy Kong and Death Star. What can be better right? This is enough reason for gamers to look for cheap flights to Phoenix.

    Desert Botanical Garden

    Coming out of the gaming world and straight into the lap of nature. The Desert Botanical Garden of the city continues to be a prime attraction. This is a place full of desert place and sandy landscapes. However, plants are not the only thing you will find in this 140- acre garden. In addition to a spectacular vista, it also houses a range of exotic desert life. Only thing is, you need to know, how to spot them.

    After, spending a while in this place, you can take a flashlight tour. This tour is one of the kinds. A group of people, with a flashlight, are taken for a stroll in the dark of the night. The motive behind this is to help you explore the natural night wildlife of the desert. This experience is one, you just can’t miss.

    Nogales Hot Dogs

    Nogales Hot Dogs is quite famous. It has been featured on the Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. This location serves, Sonoran Dogs, and boy if they are delicious. This is a popular late-night snack among the people of Phoenix. Truth be told- these hotdogs are just as tasty, other times of the day. However, they are only open from 7 pm - 12:30 am. Depending on who you ask, this is a lot of time and too little time, at the same time. Time is a concern here, isn’t it?

    When we say, visit Nogales Hot dogs, we are not suggesting or asking you. These grilled, bacon-wrapped beefy hot dogs are something that you have to try. This is not it. These delicious are topped with pinto beans, cheese, onions, tomatoes, and mayo. Yeah, things can get a bit messy but is it just worth the trouble.

    Tovrea Castle

    Is it castle written here? Yes, it is indeed a castle. This four-story castle standing like a beacon in a barren desert is something that you must see. Who doesn’t love a castle? only psychopaths don’t. The place is viewable from the freeway.

    Once you catch sight of this interesting structure, you’ll want to tour it right away, which is the only way to see the inside of the 5,000-square-foot landmark. As you make your way through, learn about the three different families responsible for this feat of architecture coming to fruition. You don’t hear about the castle in the USA every day, do you? That’s why you have to visit this place.

    Valley Bar

    One of downtown Phoenix's best and brightest spots for live music and fun events – and it's actually below street level. Adding to the mystical intrigue; you’ll have to enter the premise from a back alley door – like a prohibition speakeasy. This is the type of experience people live for.

    During most nights of the week, you can find the best bands in the city here. Playing all sorts of genres, from punk and garage to indie rock and honkytonk, they are more enjoyable than large concerts. Even on the night without music, there are just so many things to do here. You can also just hang out in the Rose Room, chatting and sipping drinks with pals. This is without a question one of the best places to visit in Phoenix.

    La Santissima

    Reading the name, one can tell that this is a Mexican restaurant. However, this one strives to stay away from the Tex-Mex style, focusing on healthier regional fare from Baja and Cancun. Fancy names and equally fancy places. Here, you will find yourself dining surrounded by an array of paintings by contemporary Mexican artists. If you want to experience something different, this is the place to go.

    Not just the decoration, the food here is also mouthwatering. Plus, there is another surprise. The Salsa bar of this place is something that God created with his own hands and heart. You can expect all kinds of red and green varieties—boasting different levels of heat. And of course—but may we suggest opting for out-of-the-box options like a fruity strawberry salsa or a creamy pecan one.

    Roosevelt Row

    Not everyone likes long drives, some people just like to walk. Roosevelt Row offers this walkable area for you people. This place is full of indie shops, restaurants, bars, and galleries. Taking a stroll, you can enjoy your time and this place to the fullest. This is one of the top attractions in Phoenix city, Arizona.

    If Friday didn’t take your heart away, this place also offers visual arts. It has several art galleries, that have been running for a long time. For instance, Modified Arts and Eye Lounge. These places share the ‘hood with street art, pop-up galleries, and festival events. Make sure to check the sides of buildings and wander the alleys, that’s where you’ll see the awesome murals that originally turned this area into a destination.

    Castles N’ Coasters

    Castle N’ Coaster might not be a real castle like the prior one, but it is equally amazing. Roller Coasters are loved by every child and adult. This is what makes this place such a public favorite. This is an amusement park smack dab in the heart of northwest Phoenix. Castle M’ Coaster is the place where all the fun of the fair meets some sky-high thrills.

    Spread across 10-acres, this park is something that you just can’t help but enjoy. However, don’t be fooled, this isn’t your usual drop-in sort. Here, you will experience love thrill rides, roller coasters, water rides, and an enormous arcade for all sorts of heart-pumping fun. Loop the loop on Desert Storm and get your adrenaline going on the interactive experience XD Dark Ride, where you'll fight off fearsome zombies. Scream if you want to go faster. Isn’t this what amusement parks are all about? Castle N’ Coaster has got it right.

    Grand Canyon

    Grand Canyon is the largest Canyon in the whole world. As such, the southern rim of the canyon national park is quite close to the valley of the sun itself. It's just 3.5 hours away from the city. And you were thinking Phoenix is hot. Grand Canyon is one of the hottest places on earth, natural that is.

    To get to the entrance of the canyon, all you have to do is take the northern interstate 17 which is Phoenix to Flagstaff. Once you reach Flagstaff, you will take northwest route 180 directly to the south entrance of the place. This is one of the multiple ways to get to the Grand Canyon. However, you should be careful and not walk into the canyon alone. Reason being that it's quite easy to get lost in there.

    The Hive

    Last on our list is The Hive. Located in central Phoenix, it’s a collective with a DIY vibe. It brings together several different independent, businesses, visuals, and art performing purveyors. In other words, you can save the hive is not a place but more like a cultural and community feeling.

    There is an unlimited number of things to do here, you can shop through vintage clothes and goods will find it hard to walk out of The Bee’s Knees empty-handed. Plus, it also has an art gallery that keeps a rotating exhibition. Now you must be thinking Phoenix is all about art, and you are right because it is all about art. This is one of the good things to do in downtown phoenix.

    The thing to Avoid in Pheonix

    With all the things that you should do in Phoenix, there is also something that you should avoid. Unfortunately, Phoenix city suffers from a lot of crimes. While Phoenix is exactly a rime capital, it's neither the safest place to be.

    Crime rates in Phoenix are not that high but they are higher than the average crime rate in the United States. To be specific, property crime and Violent crimes are much more frequent as compared to other cities in the US. Therefore, will visiting Phoenix you should be a little extra careful in sketchy areas. This is for your safety.

    Talking of bad neighborhoods, you should be extra careful in part of the city called “Maryvale”. This is one of the largest if not largest neighborhoods in the valley of the sun. with a population of 224, 370, this west end of the Phoenix is known to be the most crime-ridden of the city. This place is popular for crimes and almost every possible crime takes place here.

    It would be safer if you avoid this area on your visit to the City of Phoenix, Arizona. Apart from this, a valley of the sun is like any other place in America. Thus, you don’t need to worry that much.

    Airports and flights to Phoenix

    Being the big city, Phoenix is there are several airports and flights options to choose from. This place is covered by almost all the major airlines cover this place. You can take a flight to a location from anywhere in the world. So, you can even get a cheap flight from Denver to Phoenix, as far as domestic travel is concerned. There are 100s of direct flights as well as lay-over available.

    Among all the different airports in the city, Phoenix Sky Harbor International is the largest. With more than 40 million passengers coming in each year, this is one of the busiest airports in the world. As such, it serves as many as 1000 flights per day. In addition to this, it is also located in the central part of the city. Thus, it is connected with all the major freeways.

    As far as airlines are concerned, all of the major ones fly into this place. For instance, Air Canada, British Airways, Condor, Volaris, WestJet as well as American carriers. Apart from international airlines, several local ones also cover this place. This includes Alaska Airlines, Delta, Frontier, Hawaiian, JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit, Sun Country, and United. All of these covers several different locations like Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, and London.

    Best time to visit

    While planning a trip to the valley of the sun, it’s a good idea to learn what is the best time to visit. This will save you a lot of sun scream. As such, November through April is one of the best periods to visit the place. Temp. is in the upper 60s, 70s and low 80s and the skies are blue.

    Moreover, the weather of this city is hard to determine. All in all, the leaves don't change colors in fall, nor will flowers blossom in the spring. The only thing you will notice temperature differences. However, particularly in the toasty summers when highs average above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If you can bear this dry, formidable heat, you can take find great deals at luxury resorts. Plus, you also find cheap flights to Phoenix during this time.

    Cost of Staying

    The cost of stay is another big factor while planning your trip. This is why people often ask “How much money will you need for your trip to Phoenix?”. We shall answer your question.

    On average one should plan to spend approx. 114$ dollar per day on your trip to Phoenix. However, this can flatulate based on your travel, stay, several other things. Moreover, meals will cost you 42$ per day per person. Transportation should cost you, 16$ on a public one. The hotel price for two people is 92$ and summing it together one-week trip shall cost around $1,595 on average.


    • How do I find cheap flights to Phoenix that have flexible change policies?
    • If you are looking to book cheap flights to Phoenix, you are already at the best place to book flights “Dealofly”. Now all you have to do is search flight from your location to the desired location, which is Phoenix in this case. After this, our website will display several cheap flight options that you can choose from.

    • What is the name of Phoenix's airport?
    • There is more than one airport in the city of Phoenix. Thus, name depends on the one you are asking about. However. The most airport in the valley of Sun is Sky Harbor Intl. Airport (PHX).

    • How far is Sky Harbor Intl. Airport (PHX) from central Phoenix?
    • Sky Harbor Intl. Airport (PHX) is just a short drive from happening downtown Phoenix. It’s located 6 kilometers from the center of the city.

    • What airport is best to fly into Phoenix?
    • The “best” airport depends on your travel needs. As such, phoenix has more than one airport and people have options to choose from while travel to the city.A huge number of travelers go through Phoenix every day. With multiple airport terminals around the city, there are a few places you might hit the tarmac. The major ones are Sky Harbor Intl. Airport (PHX) (6 kilometers from downtown), Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (AZA) (40 kilometers from downtown), and Phoenix Deer Valley Airport (DVT) (26 kilometers from downtown).

    • How many airlines fly to Phoenix?
    • Phoenix is a large city. That’s why almost all the major airlines of the world cover this place. As such, there are 19 airlines that service Phoenix from 142 worldwide airports.

    • Which airlines fly to Phoenix?
    • Among that total of 19 airlines that fly to the valley of sun, following are also included:American Airlines, Delta, and Southwest Airlines are the most frequent fliers to Phoenix. The majority of these flights begin in Los Angeles, with American Airlines offering the most services on this route.

    • How many nonstop flights are there to Phoenix?
    • With approximately 3 172 direct flights every week, you’ll be hitting the runway in Phoenix before you can ask, “Are we there yet?”

    • Where are the most popular flights to Phoenix departing from?
    • Travelers often set off from Los Angeles, Chicago, and Denver airports when heading to Phoenix.

    • How long is the flight to Phoenix Airport?
    • If it’s Los Angeles you’re departing, you’ll be in the sky for around 1 hour and 26 minutes before you arrive in Phoenix. Runway to runway from Chicago takes around 3 hours and 52 minutes and from Denver, the flight time is 1 hour and 58 minutes.

    • How to book the cheapest flight to Phoenix?
    • The secret to booking a cheap flight to Phoenix or any other location is timing. If you book closer to the day of the flight the fare is going to be higher. While if you book a flight in a little advance, the cost will go down significantly.

      Moreover, Dealofly can help you with all that. Just reach out to them and they will take care of all this, while you sit back and relax.

    • Can I travel to Phoenix right now?
    • Currently, the US has moderate restrictions on travel. Thus, you will be allowed to fly to Phoenix. However, you may be quarantined on your return. Plus, a covid-19 test may also be required on or before your arrival. These conditions may or may not apply based on the guidelines at the time of your travel. It’s recommended to check the same before you travel.

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